The Christian Circle Podcast - Episode 2

In this Episode, I talk to Ronita Fernandes, a musician, singer and worship leader, whose been active in the ministry for over a decade.
She shares what it's like to pray, discern and live a calling to the music and worship leading ministry, with practical advice about fellowship and introspection.

Here are the questions Ronita answers:

  • How did you start singing for the Lord, when was the first time you realized you were meant to be part of a worship team?
  • Is it absolutely necessary to be a wonderful singer? Can you train an average voice to be fantastic?
  • How much of worship musician's role is service? 
  • What about prayer? Does it play a role?
  • How does one start if they feel strongly that they want to sing or make it their ministry?
  • How do you prevent it from "getting to your head?"
  • Is there any lesson that you've learnt from your own experience that you want to share?

Ronita Fernandes is part of the choir and music ministry at Sacred Heart Parish, London. Charismatic prayer meetings at the parish are at 7:30 every alternate Tuesdays and will resume in January after the Christmas break.

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           God Bless You!


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