Episode 3 -Three Tips for Christian Youth

In this episode, I talk to popular youth animator, Siana Dias about the youth and their approach to Christianity. Siana has been a youth animator for the last five years and is part of the Teaching team for Confirmation students at IC Church, Borivali, Mumbai. She's also completed her Bible study course and has been an active Minister of the Word, running free Bible classes in her own sector.

In this episode, she answers questions about:
1. The main problems of youth and their perspective of the faith
2. The difference in how we're passing down our faith to the next generation and the past
3. Practical advice to parents of teenagers
4. Three tips to help young people grow in their faith
5. Personal prayer that supports her own ministry and why we need to be replenished.
According to her, "The more we give, the more we need." 

God bless you all and Happy 2017


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